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To make a reservation at the discounted rate, please fill in the form below. Discounted rate is valid for single or double ( twin ) occupancy and includes breakfast, 5% hotel service charge and prevailing government taxes ( normally ) 10% VAT. All reservations must be prepaid by bank transfer, cash or with a major credit card. You will receive confirmation of your reservation from HOANG KHOI LOGISTICS by e-mail within 24 hours.

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Note: By clicking submit you are authorizing HOANG KHOI LOGISTICS to debit the credit card account indicated above for the full amount of the requested hotel stay upon confirmation. All prepaid hotel stays are subject to the following cancellation charges:

  • More than 14 days or more before arrival: no cancellation charge, but US$10 administration charge per booking is forfeited
  • From 7-14 days before arrival: 10%
  • From 2-6 days before arrival: 40%
  • Less than 2 days before arrival: 100%
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    Hỗ Trợ Trực Tuyến
    Phòng vé máy bay Quốc tế
    (International ticket)
    Liên hệ THANH BÌNH
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    Liên hệ ĐẶNG TRANG
    4. HỒNG HẢI
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    Jestar airline
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    Liên hệ THU THẢO
    ÚT EM
    Liên hệ ÚT EM
    Visa – passport
    Ms. Yến
    Liên hệ Ms. Yến
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    Tỷ Giá Ngọai Tệ